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After earlier editions at high-tech hotspots like Haifa, Chennai, Silicon Valley and New York City, the 15th Annual conference on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR 2016) is being held in The Hague on the 23rd & 24th of May. Once again the most prominent judges, practitioners, academics and entrepreneurs are getting together to discuss how online technology can help resolve (or prevent) disputes and improve justice.

It is especially great to be invited, because for the last two years we have been working very hard at answering the same puzzles that the ODR community is trying to crack:

  • How can we combine (ODR) technology with human interventions in effective hybrid processes?
  • How can we take the best from successful examples that have disruptively innovated traditional markets while upholding Rule of Law values?
  • How can we reinvent the rules of procedure so ODR fits in?
  • How can we mitigate the operational (IT) risks of implementation?

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These are not easy problems to solve, but they are crucial. Consumers of legal systems are increasingly demanding faster legal process, more transparency and, above all, more accountability. And they want this done securely, intuitively and at no additional cost to them.

We strongly believe that all service providers, including legal professionals, must be accountable for the service they provide. There are a number of important prerequisites to this accountability:

  1. Predictability and measurability: a process must be defined in steps that can be measured as completed, incomplete or in progress, preferably with clear deadlines;
  2. Assignability and attributable: everyone must know who is responsible for each step in a process and who did what;
  3. Transparency: the default way of working should be full disclosure between service provider and client of all relevant facts and materials.

That is what FastPortal brings to legal tech and specifically ODR. With our portals consumers of legal services and justice systems get real time, predictable, measurable, attributable and transparent insight into their dossiers with the goal of improving the level of accountability and quality of service.

Critically, the tools we are building and implementing are not (unproven) future tech. FastPortal has no artificial intelligence or objective to fully digitize legal/judicial processes, but rather aims to use proven lessons from other industries (like financial services, travel, project management) and implement them in an innovative fashion for traditional legal and judicial purposes. In our estimation such processes will, for the foreseeable future, combine automated tasks with human intervention, sanity checks and, above all, nuance.

All in all, this is very exciting stuff that we can’t wait to share with the impressive ODR 2016 audience! Our hope is to walk away with great insights on how to improve FastPortal and to leave behind some concepts that others can apply.

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